Granada Pendant, Insane Gold

In southern Spain, Granada has been home to a wide variety of generations for centuries. These generations vary from race to religion and culture. You can feel a certain sense of ease that is a reflection of its history. It’s visible in every corner of the city! The people who have lived in Granada have left marks and traces of themselves through the city. These different landmarks have oddly unified the city into a symbol that reminds one of the fact that cultural barriers are easily bent and broken, regardless of the rulers of lands, and this is the beauty of culture, all colors merged and knotted tightly like a beautiful Persian rug!


From Granada, Flamenco music and dance is an example of merging cultures throughout the time. Every detail is put together so artistically to ultimately tell story of Granada in a magical way.



رنگ سنگ:

Weight: 5 Grams
Price: 11,700,000 Tomans

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