Nicosia Necklace

Walls are always made by humans in name of different reasons; sometimes for security and sometimes with an excuse of security. Some walls however were built in a confused period of time, like some boarders that are drawn with no specific reason, to tear apart a civilization, a city, a town or a tribe. Sometimes though, walls are reminders of when people saw the differences more than similarities.
One of these strange walls was built in Nicosia, a wall that has torn a city, even a country apart. It has, for centuries, tried to remind people of each side, that they are different and should stay different. People who have been one despite differences, looked at the same sky full of stars every night, had the same food every day and danced to the same songs.
The wall however, could not conquer the everlasting human passion.  Life, similar or different has penetrated through holes of separation. The wall is falling even though it doesn’t want to admit!

It feels like, the islands of love and memories of those days where there was no wall, are finding each other on each side. Like missed parts of a puzzle, each in search of their lost piece, are drawn to the wall. And the wall? Shakes and shivers from hearing the determined footsteps of passion on each side, cracks in silence so the pieces rejoice in happiness under the always blue sky of Nicosia.

رنگ بتن:

Weight: 1.8 Grams
Price: 4,160,000 Tomans

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